NON ARCHITECTURE | remote sensing | data simulation | RESEARCH | 2018

"Black prior to light is the substance of the Universe, what escaped from the World before the World was born into the World[...]He is answered only by the Universe, being black and mute[...]Light strikes the Earth with repeated blows, divides the World infinitely, solicits in vain the invisible Universe.[...]Here lies the crazy and catatonic light of the World."

Francois Laruelle

0. Can 'darkness' have a medium of communication, that functions through negation, abduction and absence, while it computes through the void and non-luminous?

00. This Non-Architectural exploration seeks to divine and mine Francois Laruelle’s notion of ‘Ur-Black’, a primordial darkness, through a series of non-standard architectural representations in the form of remote-sensed data visualisations and a documentary simulation. All computed and simulated from datasets retrieved via terrestrial and airborne remote sensing method of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and Synthetic Aperture Radars—at the Mauna Kea Astronomical Observatory, situated in a dormant volcano in Hawaii.

000. The volcano is a geo-traumatic eye that sees a black universe. The project utilises Francois Laruelle’s posture of the black in “The Black in the Inhuman Foundation of Colour” as its noumena — which provides a fissure to hold anthropocentric thought captive; while abducting architectural speculation into the cosmological darkness of the 'Real'.