Non Architecture | Remote Sensing | Computational Design | Research | 2018

This Non-Architecture thaws the crystal of a cryonic data scape, to sublimate and unfreeze an archive waiting in slumber for its ultimate redemption. The project algorithmically synthesises the index of matter anterior to the givenness of life — frosted within a digital data archive into an architecture space. The archive was retrieved using remote-sensed methods of LiDAR and SAR by the Astrobiology Institute of NASA, to search for the traces of abiogenesis in the abysmal depth of Warren Cave in Antarctica's Mount Erebus — a dormant volcano that rises into the frigid antipodean air. The cave harbours microbes isolated from their surface brethren, and are suspended in a quarantine of frost, to afford life in times and conditions anterior to the emergence of life or what Quentin Meillassoux, terms as the Arche-Fossils, “Materials indicating the existence of an ancestral reality or event; one that is anterior to terrestrial life.”[1] The arche-fossils represents X, where [X ]was given before givenness, anterior to the diachronic anteriority of the past itself, intersubjectively verified by mathematical abiogenesis. 

The project sublimates the arche-fossils space via several algorithmic design operations to void and sublimate the archive into speculative materialism, Where computational Poromechanics induces fissures into the voxel data to exhume what Reza Negarestani terms as a "()Hole Complex," with an evaporated ‘W’. The architecture splits the limitropic annihilation of a whole which never effectuates full degeneration or complete effacement, and continues a poromechanical decay whose perpetual dynamism is supported by differentiation between solid and void. The arche fossils thus creep in an anomalous distribution of consistencies through the Poromechanics. In ( )hole complex, depth endures as the  the gradient between interior and exterior, solid and void, one and zero;  as a third layer intermediary agency which performs against the unitary or binary logic of inner and outer, vigor and silence, inclusion and exclusion, life and death.

[1]Meillassoux, Quentin. 2008. After finitude: an essay on the necessity of contingency. London: Continuum.