NON ARCHITECTURE | theory-Fiction | ANIMATION | 2016

Caesura : A pause, break or interruption.

A caesura in death, exposing the dissemination of consciousness into the totality of larval subjects who inject intensive duration to physical intensity. The Intensity being implicated in virtual space and time, for it to remain temporal. The project is virtual hybridity of death echoes, ventriloquisms, previous conversations, architecture and apparitions that arise, as if they were real, from a two-sided page of imprinted type or phosphorescent electrons, disintegrating through three-dimensional scanning. It inherently tries to question: the creation of death through technical means; the question of technologic, cryonics, and the uncanniness of the experience of the suspension of animated being in his time of death. The crossing-over between the animate and the inanimate, person and thing, man and monster, that all people are undergoing in the sea of electrophonic. The question of whether everything, human beings included, can be brought under the regime of these technophilic calculations and its surveillance, computation, command, and control over life and death. They are sprouting forth the question of the intimate proximity between the emergence of the post-human and the primordiality of the myth or truth of death -- and, finally, the matter of death as a coded fiction along the evolution of fiction in the cyclotron of language since the advent of being, whenever that was. 

Here we see death being a being representing itself as larval spaces of psychic individuation in the caesura of thinking, where the sense of dying is irreducible to death.