The project is an anatomical study of the mereological possibilities of an object. Levi Bryant describes two approaches of designing an object; a functional method of designing an object that builds on the use the object is put to, while an operational plan to designing would be to explore an object as 'parasitism' — detached via an operation from considerations of a function. Operational methods instigate an autonomous mereological emergence from a disjunctive synthesis of a void while inducing an endo-relational structure or a mereological ghost that strives to approach an autonomous ‘mathematical sublime’. Following Bryant's notion of a ‘Machine Oriented Architecture’, in which architecture itself is disjunct and deterritorialized from a function, resulting in a pure ontological experiment. An architecture that bleeds into a machine ecology, where a deep machination of discrete parts operates together to discover unheard, schizoid, amorous, repulsive assemblages of function and non-functions, functions not yet and yet to be imagined. While procedurally forming entirely new forms of anthropocentric social relation, that are  perverse, hostile, parasitic or engendered through new ways of creating, filling the void. 
The object-oriented computation behind this experiment is anchored to generative program developed via Processing that operates by computing the mereological principles of the whole from its internal logic that governs the vectors of its parts. The simulation undergoes multiple iterations for computational and aesthetic biopsies to achieve the desired or undesired structure(s). The computation can be further translated to tool-paths yielding potentially of robotic-assemblage and fabrication.