schwarzschild radius


The Schwarzschild radius is the radius of the event horizon surrounding a non-rotating Black Hole. Any object with a physical radius smaller than its Schwarzschild radius will be a black hole. The imaginary of these infinite densities cannot be slashed nor gutted or disembowelled by the epistemic and scientific representation of a structured mathematical or physical system. No consolation is thus found by feeding in these epistemic blindspots, that determine its existence, but by the make-believe’s correlation of such presence concerning its somewhat real condition. The project thus resorts to architecture-representation and its power of catalysing speculation as an apparatus, an organon, system or tool imbued with the chemistry to atrophy the fabric of ’reality’ dimension by dimension. To re-architecture the given reality into a hyperstitional practice. It uses the paradigm of architectural representation as a profoundly composite—epistemological and practical—way of thinking that can penetrate the worlds beyond the event horizon of extinction. Using architecture thinking as a means to simulate, emulate thoughts asymptotic vocation of reaching a thoughtless world, it manœuvres through a narrative fiction, into the xeno-realm by following a protocol of exhumation, a method of hidden writing (Negarestani, 2008) that can reveal the camouflaged, hidden plots within a central plot.