This project presents a discrete object oriented computational design, recalibrating the Bachelardian nest into a sponge-space. It confirms to a homogenised morphology, saturated with equality and that is inanely geometric but also irresolvable, paradoxical and unhealthy. A line is divided into 6 identical parts that twists orthogonally adjacent to a voxel space. The transformation increases the surface area with a tendency towards infinity. Constructing thus a model of infinitely complex immanence, where each rupture in design exceeds a surface and evades the volume. The discreteness of a line is then used as a means to synthesise the spatial material topologies into a fibrosis. A non-relational skeletal fibrosity, referring only to the procedural mereological principles of its own essential logic, and non-representational, citing nothing more. 

The object is further interlocked in a feedback loop of speculative narration, where different narrators tell their encounters and experience of the object.