pedogogical apparations


The project presents imaging of a seminar retrieved through an energy-hungry machine vision, i.e. LiDAR apparatus. The images exhibit the fractured apparition of the academetron, forming a relationship with the 'Hauntology' of Jacques Derrida, “Haunting is not an individual psychosis, but a social phenomenon. The way of the ghost is haunting, and haunting is a very particular method of knowing of what has happened or is happening.”[1]


The university is a haunted house of reason, exposed to murmurings, speculations, scratchings, whistling, fictions, horrors and corruptions of the rational. According to Nicholas Royle, “All the more uncanny in an unconscious way, where we become mere mechanics-pedagogical dolls, marionettes of the lecture theatre, plastic-components in the teaching machines.”[2] The university knots the academic apparitions of the spectral past, the crying of decomposed corpses of old professors from the discourses in basements, to the students from the attic, from the ink-stained tables and chairs, comes emanating the uncanny of its phantoms, when it functions in the in-between of trans-, inter-, multi- and cross of the disciplines. 

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[2] Royle, N. 2003. The Uncanny. Manchester University Press Series. Manchester University Press.